The CXJ-Series: CXJ-200 and CXJ-400

Dual-cell center gland expansion joint.

Extruded thermoplastic expansion joint with integrated side flashings that are welded to the membrane for sealing expansion joints in below grade, plaza deck or tunnel applications. For complete protection from water ingress go with integrated approach from a single-source.

CXJ Expansion Joints

Available in two sizes:

• Ideally installed in a 2” (50mm) expansion joint gap
• Can be installed in a 2”-3” (50mm-75mm) field gap joint +/- 1.25" (31 mm) movement capability

• Ideally installed in a 4” (100mm) expansion joint gap
• Can be installed in 3”-5” (75mm-125mm) field gap joint +/- 2.5" (62 mm) movement capability

For additional information please contact your local CETCO representative to assist with ordering of all necessary CXJ-200/CXJ-400 Expansion joint components



Used to waterproof structural concrete expansion joints for positive-side below grade foundation walls and under structural slabs, CXJ-200 and CXJ-400 consists of an extruded, thermoplastic, dual gland expansion joint seals with integrated side flanges. Movement at the joint is accommodated by the geometric shape of the double-cell, center gland configuration with two material layers to form the system.

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