Waterstops and Expansion Joints

Waterstops with expansion capabilities that not only provide better seals, but can fill voids and seals cracks.

The broad product range and installation versatility of our waterproofing systems allow you to work with a single manufacturer to cover all of your waterproofing needs. From zero-lot property line construction to backfilled foundation walls to under slab and plaza deck application, CETCO has the waterproofing solution that fit your need.

The CXJ series expansion joints have a unique double-level flange design for high-movement capability. 

The center gland geometric shape is purpose-designed for low strain during movement for optimal performance. The system consists of an extruded, thermoplastic, dual gland expansion joint seals with integrated side flanges that can be integrated with CETCO’s waterproofing systems to create a true single source waterproofing system.




A hydrophilic rubber waterstop, AKWASTOP swells up to 300% upon contact with water and provides a consistent seal along the entire installation. It prevents water infiltration through cast-in-place concrete construction joints subjected to continuous or intermittent hydrostatic pressure.


A polyurethane-based caulk grade swelling paste, AKWASWELL is used primarily to seal rough surfaces in concrete construction joints. Swelling up to 500% of its initial volume when hydrated by water, it creates a positive seal and stops the flow of water through the joint and is suitable for low to moderate hydostatic pressure conditions.


Used to waterproof structural concrete expansion joints for positive-side below grade foundation walls and under structural slabs, CXJ-200 and CXJ-400 consists of an extruded, thermoplastic, dual gland expansion joint seals with integrated side flanges. Movement at the joint is accommodated by the geometric shape of the double-cell, center gland configuration with two material layers to form the system.


REVO-FIX is a profiled expanded metal mesh strip designed for mechanically fixing WATERSTOP-RX and WATERSTOP-XP to cast-in-place concrete surfaces. Revo-Fix can be used as an alternative method to CETSEAL. Available in two sizes.


An active, flexible strip concrete construction joint waterstop, WATERSTOP-RX provides a strong positive seal by expanding upon contact with water. Proven effective on projects worldwide for over 20 years, Waterstop-RX is designed for both continuous and intermittent hydrostatic conditions. WATERSTOP-RX is available in multiple configurations.


The next generation of waterstop that expands upon contact with water to form a positive seal to stop water ingress through cast-in-place concrete construction joints and around pipe penetrations. Through the use of the patented XP technology, WATERSTOP® XP is proven effective in a wide range of contaminated environments.

Helios Energy Research Facility

Berkeley, CA, USA

From design development to construction, CETCO’s expertise in waterproofing was called upon to ensure that the basement, housing expensive laboratory equipment, remains dry at all times. CoreFlex’s composite system also saved the added labor of a two-membrane installation process.

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Mercy Hospital Plaza

St. Louis, MO, USA

To minimize building exposure, poor air quality, and odors, this occupied hospital utilized COREFLEX to waterproof the plaza deck prior to installing a GreenScapes vegetated roof system, hard-scape and water features.

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Piper Tech Parking Deck

Los Angeles, CA, USA

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Shady Hills Gymnasium and Parking Garage

Cambridge, MA, USA

The original spec called for ULTRASEAL below slab with a layer of VOLTEX DS installed over it to provide protection from subsequent concrete operations. However, once the dewatering of the site began, it became apparent that there would be significantly more water at a greater flow rate.

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Washington Univ. School of Medicine Plaza Deck Restoration

St. Louis, MO, USA

When it was decided that a courtyard would be implemented into the WUSM/BJC Medical complex, the design team understood that waterproofing and protecting the occupied space below during construction would be critical to the success of the project.

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