Featured Case Studies: Groundwater Treatment & Control

Groundwater Filtration

East Rutherford, New Jersey

Through a succesfull treatment with Organoclay® MRM (Mercury Removal Media) a excavation site in East Rutherford extracted and filltrated the groundwater that was contaminated with organics, arsenic, and mercury.

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Koppers Wood Treatment Facility

Guthrie, KY

This is a case study of an active wood-treatment plant that has operated in southwestern Kentucky since 1913. Historically, released DNAPL had migrated along the fill-soil interface and had impacted the drainage ditch, soil and seep locations.

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Railroad Tie Treatment Facility

Escanaba, MI

The groundwater at a former creosote wood treating site was contaminated by non-aqueous phase liquid (NAPL). The contaminated groundwater was a threat to the nearby fresh water bay when NAPL and soluble organics were showing on the surface of the bay.

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